Create great video sites with minimal effort

Install, choose settings

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Installation in 3 steps

Pick up a domain

Many domains can be bought with 80% discount

Install Vuke CMS

The cheapest hosting with Apache + php5.4 support will do

Set up CMS in the admin panel

You need to select the categories of the site, give it a name

No limit to your ideas

CMS, a whole business that can be built on the Internet in any language without programming knowledge, SEO, design, etc., a website engine with unique features. The business can be to create beautiful sites on the engine and resell them through an auction, or to create sites for yourself and earn income from advertising services like Yandex direct. The Youtube 7.0.2 CMS engine itself (as you can see, many updates have already been released since version 1.1.1 to increase functionality, add modules and fixes). With it, you can create a website using YouTube channels for this, whether it's your own or someone else's, search for videos on YouTube. New videos on the channels will replenish your site automatically after they are released on YouTube.

It is possible to create sites from Vkontakte groups. A lot of exciting videos from the social network will be on your site in 1 click, whether it's a search or someone's public or even an account page. The source of the video can be your group, you add it to the group and it is already on your site with your name, description, etc. I ask you to familiarize yourself with the demo version of, admin panel login:password demo:demo.

Choose from where we will output the video, if the channel then enter in the channel ID field to display on the main (if enabled) channel from which the video will be taken. If you write a search phrase from the search by (multiple possible) in the block in the admin panel, CMS Vuke Pro will search for videos on this topic: And the videos will be displayed on the main one from this category, if there are several, they will change from time to time.

What you need to get started

Need hosting

Apache 2 web server (+ mod_rewrite).
PHP version 5: v5. 4
ionCube loader version at least 5.0.1

Need a domain

The Webnames website often sells international domains with an 80% discount, such as .com,. expert,. online,. expert, and many others

What site themes can I create?

Yes, whatever you want, if you want to create a news site, then add the sites of news channels or groups to the video search area and all the latest information will immediately appear for you.

If you like a blogger from YouTube or vk you can create a website with their content

Where can I get a design?

The standard build includes a design from CMS Vuke pro that you can customize as you wish, and we also work with designers who will soon prepare a dozen new designs, you will find a link to the new designs later on this site.

How much does this product cost?

Not at all. The program is distributed and provided absolutely free of charge. Just leave the copyright tag at the bottom of the {cms} page anywhere on the site or it will automatically be added to the {counter} tag-this is a mention that the site is built on CMS Vuke, so that the product is found and used. The mention does not have a load on the site, you can ask any seo specialist. You can also remove copyrights ({cms}) via the admin. In the future, it is possible to add paid and free functionality.